• For anyone else who still plays League Of Legends, first new support in over a year is coming out soon! This champ seems pretty awesome and fits my type of gameplay, so I'm excited. Any thoughts? http://eune.leagueoflegends.com/node/14864 He also had a pretty cool teaser video
  • Bdubs commented on Patriot95's post
    It's been a long time. How have you been?
    Yesterday, 10:22
    Inbetween thoughts.
    Yesterday, 12:33
    Once this week is over, I will have a little extra time to do shit. Until then.....
    Yesterday, 16:12
    I think we can put our differences behind us... for science... you monster
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  • Bdubs commented on Kips's post
    RIP geekmesa 2013-2014

    Apr 20
    6 1
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    Apr 19
    Whether we play much or not I like keeping in touch with my dudes from the glory gaming days.
    Apr 19
    Plot Twist: I wish I was able to play video games like I used to.
    Apr 19
    It's not dead it's just napping.
    Apr 20
    Its not dead it just went back to school
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  • Patriot95 commented on hirendharani's joining our site
    Apr 20
    2 0
    Apr 5
    I liked Sasha Grey better.
    Apr 20
    ^ yup.
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  • TheGhost commented about this event
    Weekend Of Fun
    I will be home for Easter Weekend from the evening of Good Friday till Easter Sunday afternoon. I do not want to play just League, so lets get some games going this weekend!
    Total users: 4
    Apr 16
    8 1
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    Apr 15
    No one cares about you, Aaron.
    Apr 15
    Fight me Mahnke.
    No items
    Fox only
    Final Destination (Chicago)
    Apr 15
    I'll bring my cholos, you prepared for that?
    Apr 16
    Classic D2. Starting from scratch playing through without outside help.
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  • Kinzukrii commented on Patriot95's video
    Here comes the BOOM! This video was recently released by the DoD. 115+ mile range, 40 lb projectile traveling at 5,400 mph, and all with no explosives - electromagnetic magic. It is being developed at Dahlgren NavSea near where I live and we've been hearing them test it for the last six or so years.
    Apr 14
    1 0
    Apr 14
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  • Patriot95 commented on Bdubs's post
    Apr 14
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    Apr 14
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  • Patriot95 liked Level99Studios's status
    Apr 13
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  • Level99Studios liked recon224's status
    I wonder if the site being down like it was has something to do with the OpenSSL thing that was discovered....
    Apr 11
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    Apr 10
    You know not what you're talking about.
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  • Patriot95 commented on their status
    Had an issue with the htaccess file on the site. Backup restored. Should be good to go now.
    Apr 8
    4 0
    Apr 8
    I figured this was why there was a sudden death of posts. Glad to know it was fixable.
    Apr 8
    I was about half way through a complete new site overhaul using WordPress/BuddyPress when I figured it out... fuck websites.
    Apr 8
    True Story?
    Apr 8
    Truth. I'll send you a link via text.
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