• Another sneak peak. This time showing some non-mobile progress. Lots of work to be done still. Sniper is probably the only one paying attention or remotely interested. But here is a little update for you.
  • Patriot95 commented on SniperLBear's post
    Sooo I'm glad people still ya know use this.
    Jul 23
    I check it. Just been away on vacation. I'm hoping we can stir things up with some changes. But probably not. Gonna keep working on it anyway though!
    Jul 23
    I look forward to changes being stirred up :3 Let's stir things up, siringly.
    Yesterday, 07:30
    My partner in crime went on vacation so progress has stalled a little but I'm still chipping away at it.
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  • Context-based tools mean that specific items will automatically be selected for the player to use. Approaching a tree, for example, will trigger an axe to chop it down, rather than the player having to open the game's menus to find it. Upgrades are accomplished through a faster way as well; players can seek out in-game characters to water crops or collect lumber. - Natsume Inc.

    Ok, if this isent the most casualized thing I have every fucking heard of. I don't know what is honestly.
    Jul 18
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  • Gaikang commented on SniperLBear's post
    Ok sooo I don't wanna be a fanboy and fag all over a web series. But I recently got back into RvB and watched until the 10 season finale which was kinda like the show ender. But yeah long story short if you want a great story with comedy and feels then go watch it. The episodes are like 5-10 minutes long at most.
    Jul 18
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    Jul 17
    What is this? 2004?
    Jul 17
    Just saying was all. I'm sure everyone here knows of it but doesnt know of how good it actually gets.
    Jul 18
    What is this? 1812?
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  • Empyre replied in forum topic
    Empyre's Little UT 2004 Server
    I have launched an Unreal Tournament 2004 server. Like all my servers, it is named Empyre's Little Server, and it is currently running Vehicle CTF...
    I have now renamed all the bots to some names that should look familiar from my little TFC server.
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    Jul 16
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  • SniperLBear commented on recon224's post
    Demonoid is back online....after like 4 years of being down.
    Jul 16
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    Jul 16
    I got a freaking email for this btw lol
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  • Sneak peak at a current project going on. Seems like the old dogs have an extra hitch in their giddyup recently...
    Jul 15
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  • Still tweaking things. Please continue to let us know what you think. Gonna play with that background some soon, Sniper.
    Jul 15
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  • Empyre posted a forum topic
    Empyre's UT2004 Server Downloads
    If you install all of these, you should never need to download anything from the server. Mega Bonus pack http://unrealtournament2004.filefront.com/...
    Jul 14
  • Patriot95 commented on their video
    Perfect capping.
    Jul 14
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    Jul 14
    If come Thursday...and we don't do this on some random sever....I will be very disappointed.
    Jul 14
    Reinstalling TF2. Anyone else?
    Jul 14
    Two steps ahead of you, bro
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I have now renamed all the bots to some names that should look familiar from my little TFC server.
Empyre Jul 16
If you install all of these, you should never need to download anything from the server. I'll add... More
Empyre Jul 14
Murphy's Law strikes again. I installed the card, but it turns out to be incompatible with my... More
Empyre Jun 30
The weird thing is that it worked fine for days, and suddenly started crashing, and I made no... More
Empyre May 24
I will do anything for Mr. Empyre. I will try to get you setup with FTP access soon and let... More