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Thumbs Up Steam login
Posted by: recon224 - 12-01-2016, 05:44 PM - No Replies

I decided to mess around with some things and update some of the site. You will notice that now you can log in with your Steam account as opposed to having to create an account.

Watch out world, Geek Mesa is entering the 21st century.

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Posted by: recon224 - 08-29-2016, 11:12 AM - Replies (2)

This is just some general information about our Discord server.

What is it?

It is our new home for VOIP communication. Basically it has replaced our TeamSpeak server since it became harder and harder to manually host one. Discord does not require any hosted server so it makes all our lives easier. The cool thing about Discord is that it is basically a combination of TeamSpeak and IRC so even if you have don't have or want to use a mic, you can still talk to everyone in the server. Pretty cool.

Where can I get it?

You have two options to use Discord. The first is through your web browser. You can connect to any server without downloading a single file. The other is by downloading the program just like you would TeamSpeak.

How do I join the server?

You can join the server by clicking this invite link

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  Empyre's Little Server (Unreal Tournament 2004)
Posted by: Empyre - 06-24-2016, 10:53 AM - Replies (2)

This server is currently down because of the hard drive crash. I plan to get it running again. Stay tuned for an update.

My Unreal Tournament server features Vehicle CTF maps, a fun game mode. I even customized the bots with names that should be familiar to veterans of my TFC server. The names come from the old Ultima games I enjoyed so much in the 80s and 90s.
The IP is currently with the default port (7770), or you can use empyre.no-ip.org as the IP. Fast downloads is set up, hosted by my friends here at Geek Mesa, so you should get the maps really quickly.

Despite the fast downloads, you might still benefit from download links for the maps, so here they are, including maps that you won't see often on the server because they are not VCTF (but they are there to be voted in when and if I get around to setting up map voting):

Mega Bonus pack
CBP2 Volume 1
CBP2 Volume 2
Windows XP Bonus Maps
Ultimate Community Map Pack (UCMP) Volume 1
UT Classics
Community Compilation Pack 1






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  Empyre's Little Server (Doom, Zandronum)
Posted by: Empyre - 06-24-2016, 10:42 AM - Replies (2)

This server features 13 Doom II maps I made. I put another game-play mod on the server every 2 weeks. To play there, you need doom2.wad (not free, but pretty cheap on Steam) and (a free port of the Doom engine). The Doomseeker server browser (included with Zandronum) will automatically find and download any other file you need.
The IP is currently
Zandronum is for players who like more modern features in their Doom.

This server has been brought back up after the hard drive crash. I have also updated the IP is this post.

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  Empyre's Little Server (Doom, ZDaemon)
Posted by: Empyre - 06-24-2016, 10:36 AM - No Replies

This server features 13 Doom II maps I made. I put another game-play mod on the server every 2 weeks. To play there, you need doom2.wad (not free, but pretty cheap on Steam) and (a free port of the Doom engine). The ZDlauncher server browser (included with ZDaemon) will automatically find and download any other file you need.
The IP is currently
ZDaemon is for players who like their Doom a little bit more old-school.

This server is once again running after the hard-drive crash, and the IP is updated.

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  Empyre*HOPE*'s Little Server (Steamless TFC)
Posted by: Empyre - 06-24-2016, 10:25 AM - Replies (11)

GOOD news! Empyre*HOPE*'s Little Sever is back, but on Steam now! Most, if not all, of the files are set up for fast downloads, but the map packs below might still be helpful. I am leaving the next paragraph here so you can know why the server finally moved to Steam.

Outdated: Sad news! The server where a lot of friendships started is dead. The hard drive failed on Monday afternoon, and everything on it was lost. Now is the time for me to finally get around to setting up that Steam server discussed below. Stay tuned for updates, and be prepared for how-to questions.

Here are the map packs. Downloading them will save some time compared to downloading the maps from the server.

, 291,640 KB, contains all the maps in map packs 1 - 14

, 11,192 KB, contains enclave, evacuate, firefortress, nml2, rats_cmd, rats_ctf, smooth, spaceball, and vidar2

, 11,840 KB, contains acropolis2, ceasefire, cornfield, knightsnipe1e, osaka, shortbus2, the_valley_2, turkeyburgers_tfc

, 16,892 KB, contains 2desert, darkness2, fortsake2, gustavo8_orbital, gustavo10_corps68, gustavo17_nostromo, maya, nml3, wstland3

, 11,392 KB, contains abszero, cumbersome, cydonia2, exhale, magic, magic_n, mortality, overlook, pushed, samurai, theft, villahunt

, 15,004 KB, contains 2morfort1_1, 3drylakes, 4pyramids, 187killingrounds3, beerrun_r, dusk, knight1g, nml, nougat, pyramid, rampage, thehole, thekeep

, 20,952 KB, contains curse2, curse, dcompound, defcon, mrdrball2c, murderball, tiger, totalwar, vidars, wrath, xenzone

, 29,672 KB, contains 2mesa3, armageddon, bam, bases2k1, btube, genome, hadley, livewire, meltdown1, mulch_trench, nuclear, renegade, roasted_l, run, scrummage, security, seizure, spacedout, tanis, tatooine, torch2, turnon

, 24,180 KB, contains 5hells, adobefort_r, archimax, banana_r, bases_r2, bbombard, cabelstfc, carnival2, con1, congestus, cranetop, de_dust, donut_sumo, driver_tfc, escape_usa, flagcontrol3, forever2, high_flag, mathockey, mittsu, monkey_l, openfire_l, palermo, smallfort, temple, tls_facility, twilight_l

, 15,168 KB, contains 2silo, bozz_4f, castlesplit, castlewars, chimkey_l, hitnrun, mulch_faf, mulch_fnf, pitfall, prodigal_r, shortbus3, skeeball_beta04, spacefort, startec

, 23,124 KB, contains chemfort, creek, dragonfire, dustplate_a, fortsin_beta1, frostbite, gattaboo, groundhog, helix, hypercube_b3, mookville, pantswar, pointeduhoc, shortbus1a, shortbus25, shortbus25a, shutdown2, slamfort, slanted, xmaswell3, xmaswell

, 36,024 KB, contains arid_tfl, arise, castlemertz, dustbowl_space, firemesa_b2, fry_baked, gleadhraich_r, hollow, insurrection_r, monkey_madness_r, oppose2k1, overload_r, raw_r, redgiant, s_mentality, ss_nyx_l, tempest_r3, well_now, yeger_wig

, 20,876 KB, contains adrenal, atrox, chemfort_l, hypercube_b7, midnightskirmish, navarone, nothing, osaka_r, sandbowl_r, shoobuh, stoned, underground

, 8,196 KB, contains beach_war, flaghunt, nao_2fort, nao_hunted, nao_well, rats_ctf, sepralis, shortbus1a, snipecc, tfc_dday2, the_valley_2

, 29,968 KB, contains 4snipev2, baghdad!, Betrayed, crude_control, duality, goregasm, hellion, hypercube_b9, ksour_rc1, mooncheese, mortality_l, overload_r, peak, whiteout, woa, wrath, yeepball

, 825 KB, contains the NeoTF files needed for my server.

And finally, here is the optional sound pack so you can hear the sounds triggered by saying certain things in chat: , 4,829 KB, requires the excellent and free to extract.

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Thumbs Up Check 1, 2
Posted by: recon224 - 06-24-2016, 09:07 AM - Replies (6)

Hello everyone, just seeing who is still around these parts. I know its been a silly ride with all these website changes (and a pain in the ass) but I would like to say thanks to everyone who has stuck around for as long as you have. We have lost a number of people along the way and our remaining number is small; but, I think, if we put some work in, we can definitely make something out of this community again.

For now, we still have the teamspeak and, as of about a week ago, a new Unturned server. @Empyre I would love it if you put your server information in the servers forum. I too will likely be putting up Good Old Days again since a lot of the new people seem to be buying TFC. That, along with any other server I decide to put up, should help us grow a little for now.

For now, I am just echoing this back to myself since there has been little to no activity here. Hopefully that changes Smile

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  Geek Mesa Unturned
Posted by: recon224 - 06-24-2016, 08:38 AM - No Replies

@Duke has started an Unturned server. If you don't have the game, it is free to play on Steam.

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Thumbs Up Fun Fact about Starcraft
Posted by: recon224 - 04-13-2016, 06:35 PM - Replies (3)

So I had no idea that this was a thing until the other day but you can play Starcraft for free as long as you are playing with a friend that already owns the game.

Pretty cool!

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Video Some of the best movies ever made
Posted by: recon224 - 04-10-2016, 06:28 PM - Replies (5)

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